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​​Delivered Where People​ Live, Work and Worship

​Patient Care - Quality

Evidence-based self-management programs support achievement of patient health and engagement goals.

Linking Patient Health Self-Management  to the Clinical Patient Care System

​​​Health Outcomes  evidence-based health self-management suite of programs result in better health outcomes and better utilization of health care.

Our solutions serve unique populations and patients with multiple chronic conditions - where they live, work and worship. 

Evidence-based, community-delivered, health self-management education (SME) is widely recognized for inclusion in patient care and care coordination models for patients with multiple chronic conditions. These programs result in better health, lower health care costs, and improved self-efficacy and heath literacy for better patient engagement in their health.

Evi-Base is the linkage for plans, providers and community organizations to improve access to SME.  Evi-Base puts high value in meeting the needs of a diverse population and special patient groups with complex, multiple chronic conditions.